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Cabin heating system

Originally, a Wallas Marin 3000DX diesel cabin heater was installed with a Legrand digital timer and Webasto thermostat. This was chosen as its power draw from the battery was low.

However, the heater was intermittently filling the cabin with fumes, for which no reason could be established. Furthermore it was found that the unit should not be operated while the vehicle was in motion: a required function. (The Wallas Marin 3000DX is designed for boats, which travel at lesser speeds than trucks.)

The unit was therefore changed for a Webasto Airtop 3500; a standard truck cab heater.

Previous experience of these units shows them to be reliable and efficient, even if they do draw more current than the Wallas Marin unit.

The timer/temperature control unit is fitted in the overhead console in the cab.

Webasto cabin heater, mounted vertically.

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