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From the sink, the grey water passes through inch hosing, routed to provide a natural trap. A diverter system allows the grey water to be discharged to the road below the vehicle or into a 20 litre plastic jerry can within the vehicle. The jerry can is strapped inside the water cabinet using webbing and clips, so can be quickly removed for emptying.

Quick release hose couplings (RS codes 179-5052, 5147, 5068, 5153) have been used on the inch and inch hosing from/to the bleached/grey water jerry cans. 8mm nylon tubing (push fittings) has been used as vents, with the grey water tank being vented externally. Note that the auto-shutoff feature of the grey water quick release coupling has been removed as the internals of the coupling caused the hose to block with small food items in the waste water.

To supplement the 40 litre on-board water supply, additional water is carried in the trailer. This is transferred to the truck's system by a trailer-mounted Shurflo SLV10 pump.

Air System

In some parts of the world, a standard 12V electric horn is just insufficient. If you fail to signal your presence on the road, other "road users" will wander into your path. This is not wrong: it is just the rules of their roads. In these circumstances, an air horn is a distinct advantage.

My original air horn installation connected the air compressor directly to the air horn, powering the compressor only when pressing the horn switch. Although louder than a 12V electic horn, this provided an inaudible result for some "road users".

A roof-mounted air reservoir has therefore been installed. The air compressor charges the air reservoir to 7 bar, taking its electrical feed from the domestic batteries, switched through a relay/pressure switch, and interlocked to the ignition system to prevent battery drainage in the event of air-leaks.

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Land Rover Forward Control 101 - Merlin Safari Trailer

A solenoid valve, activated by the horn switch, provides the horn immediately with the 7 bar air.

Additionally, a quick-release coupling provides air from the reservoir for general purposes.