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The Merlin Safari Trailer

Despite the size of the FC101, a trailer was considered required to assist in transporting additional water containers, spare parts for the Land Rover, clothes washing bucket, etc.

And there may be some link with my love of trucks involved here too ...

Searching in the UK for a substantial sealed box-trailer, suitable for off-road use, was not proving fruitful. Reviewing the ranges of available trailers from the major trailer manufacturers in the UK, I did not consider that they met my definition of "sealed" or suitable for off-road use.

Fortunately, one of my enquiries was forwarded to a company called Wolston Garage and Engineering. They sent me details and a photograph of their Safari range of trailers. They looked ideal.

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Land Rover Forward Control 101 - Merlin Safari Trailer

A subsequent telephone conversation revealed that they offered a very customisable off-road trailer, built around a standard unit. Wheel rim/tyre, roof tent, landing leg choice, galvanised chassis, internal hold-down rails, lid internal netting, spare wheels with mounting brackets, colour and other items could be selected.

Moreover, they appeared to be a company which would thoroughly "engineer" solutions to my additional requirements. Something required when the trailer is to have a hard life being hauled laden around the globe over unmetalled tracks.

The final specification was as follows:

Galvanised chassis.

Zintec sheet panelling, painted to match the FC101.

Eezi Awn roof tent.

Hold down rails to the base.

Cargo netting to the inside of the lid of the trailer.

Land Rover Wolf rims, with BF Goodrich Trac Edge tyres (7.50x16).