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Rear cabin lighting
There are two lighting circuits in the rear cabin: the original tungsten lamps and new electronic lights. The current drawn from the former is about three times for the same lighting effect compared with the latter. Both circuits are powered through relays, with switches both by the rear door and the bed.

Cab lighting
Originally, only a caravan-type light was used, which had three lamps. When its luminosity was seen to be as radiant as a smouldering match, two stalk lights were added.

When the original caravan-type light fell to pieces and blew a difficult-to-replace lamp, it was completely replaced by a bulkhead unit from the Hella range. This is a simple, robust and serviceable unit, containing three individually switchable 10W lamps.

All the cab lights are switched from both adjacent to the bed in the rear cabin and by the front driver's door (door activated switching is not provided on the FC101, and has not been retrofitted).

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