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Domestic water system

Only a cold water system was installed: hot water is produced by heating on the cooker. This was to keep things uncomplicated and compact.

The water system is generally contained in a single cabinet.

Raw water is carried in a 20 litre plastic jerry can in a rack in the side storage locker which originally housed the spare wheel. It is transferred to an identical jerry can, strapped inside the water cabinet. An Aquatab is also added to this tank for purification purposes if the water quality is unknown. The Shurflo Trail King 7 positive displacement pump draws from the tank, pumps the water through the 5 litre accumulator, then either to the "washing" sink tap or through the Everpure filter to the "drinking" sink tap. The filter removes all particles down to micron.

All the water supply piping is in inch food-grade hosing.

Water system cupboard - grey water container, water pump, filter (rear), fresh water container (right).

Balmar MC-612 alternator regulator (marine, sealed unit) shown installed on the left.

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