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How to stop oncoming trucks pulling out

Truck drivers are generally more conscientious in Bangladesh, compared with India. However, oncoming trucks do still try to overtake vehicles in front of them, causing you to take evasive action.

You do have a weapon to prevent this: your main beam. Flashing your main beam at them as they poke their fronts out has the same arresting effect as a flame thrower to an advancing army of ice cubes.

Contrary to statements in the Lonely Planet guides, the staring in Bangladesh is far less intrusive compared to India.

Although it's very annoying, and gives you little freedom, think of it from this angle. Imagine that the Martians landed in your home town. Everybody, including yourself, would stare at them. And if your town was the thousandth that the Martians had visited on their current planetary tour, the Martians would understandably get narked off.

Looked at from this viewpoint, both sides have a right to act and feel as they do.

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