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Furthermore, when they see each other, nobody co-operates with anybody else. It is quite common to see two cars practically sitting head-to-head on a roundabout (one trying to enter, and the other trying to come off at the next exit), going nowhere, and as neither gives way to their neighbour, they remain going nowhere.
Out of town, the situation is not eased. There are no motorways between the major cities. Therefore, long distance travel thus becomes very tiresome. Along every mile of every road, you have objects coming at you from every angle, oblivious of your presence or speed.

Two words can be used to summarise Indian road usage: "frustratingly immature".

Availability of spares for foreign vehicles

There are extremely few foreign vehicles on Indian roads. This includes Land Rovers. To date while in India, I have yet to come across another Land Rover vehicle of any kind.

Therefore, don't expect to find spares for your foreign vehicle here.

Be prepared to loose all your privacy. Open your car door, and you have a crowd outside within minutes, staring at you and what's inside.

This can become very tiresome, and how you take it, depends upon how you feel at that time.

For truck enthusiasts, forget your staple manufacturers of Volvo, Scania and MAN. India have practically no imported vehicles on its roads. The result of this policy is seen above - a typical Indian truck. Manufactured by Tata.

Locally made, they are supplied as a chassis together with the front panel, from below the windscreen down (the orange coloured part on the front).

The rest of the unit is not really designed; more a collection of bits.

Compare this with neighbouring Pakistan, where the trucks are decorated with pride, and driven with discipline and a feeling of camaraderie.

Another amazing of how two countries, which only 50-odd years ago, were one, are now are so different.

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