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"Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide" - Tom Sheppard
If you're planning a VEHICLE-BASED trip, you must read Tom Sheppard's book, "Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide".

In this book, you'll find invaluable information on all aspects of overland travel in a vehicle. Which engine oil is required for which country? How do you go about shipping your vehicle? What should you take, and what should you not take? It's all in this book.

Published by Desert Winds (in assoc with Land Rover).
ISBN 0-9532324-0-9

If you haven't read this book before you set off, delay your departure until you have.

WorldSpace Radio
If you want to keep in touch with the world's events by tuning into the BBC World Service, VOA and CNN (sound track from their TV transmission), then take a WorldSpace satellite radio. You won't suffer from sunspots, changing frequencies, background noise and all the other delights which you get thrown in with shortwave broadcasts for free.

WorldSpace is a radio system which uses satellites to transmit the programmes. There is a choice of radio sets from recognised hi-fi manufacturers (Hitachi, JVC, etc).

There are downfalls to the system. As with all satellite systems, your radio's antennae requires "line of sight" to the satellite covering your area. With a little planning, this can be achieved in most places.

As well as the radio set, you should additionally take an external antennae (available from WorldSpace). This can be fixed to a post outside the vehicle, allowing use of the radio inside the vehicle while stationary.

For further information, wander onto their web site. See the "links" section of this web site.

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