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Get a local SIM
If you are going to do anything in Singapore which requires you to be in contact with local people, then get a local SIM card for your mobile.

There are various "Pay As You Go" schemes, which can be activated immediately.

This applies to any country nowadays. No longer do you have to chuck money into the greedy mitts of you mobile 'phone company at home. I mean - US$2.50 per minute to 'phone home using a UK-SIM. I'd rather invest in 15,000km of string and a couple of cans. At least at the end of the call, I can fill the rest of my day untangling knots.

. . . And then get the Street Map
If you are going to be road-mobile in Singapore, then get this book.

There are others about, but this comes in two formats. The spiral-bound pocket version, and the larger print "I-have-trouble-seeing-passing-juggernauts" version.

I wouldn't be surprised if the high-tech Singaporeans are also working on a copy which is beamed onto the rear of the vehicle in front, just to make things even easier.

The ERP gantries are marked in this book. Useful if you don't want to fit an IU (see later for info on the ERP/IU).

Eating out
If your food budget extends only to a packet of crisps per day, don't worry: Singapore has the best street-corner eating establishments around.

The equivalent of the old transport-cafe, you can get a selection of meals on street corners for a real down-to-earth price.

Just don't expect to find any on Orchard Road, or in the lobby of Raffles Hotel.

Recommendations and Comments
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