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The Pakistan Trafficator / Indicator System
If anybody has managed to understand the Pakistan system for indicating, please let me know.

Sometimes, they indicate to tell you what they are going to do, while at others, they are telling you what they want YOU to do.

My advice until I've been on that mind-reading course is - ignore Pakistani drivers when they indicate.

Fuel on the Taftan - Quetta road
There is a major shortage of filling stations with bunkered fuel on this road. Unless I blinked and missed a couple, I only saw one. The system seems to survive on jerry cans, practically all brought in from Iran.

If you don't have sufficient tankage for this 650km stretch of road, refer to the notes on the "Fuel Funnel" in the "General Notes" section.

The Quetta to Sikkur road, north of Jacobabad
If want to get an "ology" in how sand can penetrate a vehicle, apply for an EU grant, and then travel on this road. You'll collect all the information you'll need in one pass.

In many places, the road is undergoing reconstruction. This means that you are dispatched into the scrub desert on detours for kilometres at a time while they slowly get on with their work on the main road.

Close the air vents, tape up the doors, and stop breathing.

Recommendations and Comments
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