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Filling stations
Out of the cities, filling stations either have diesel OR petrol. Not normally both.

Identifying the difference is easy. If there are trucks in the place, it is a diesel station. Or if the ground around the pumps is heaped with dirty sand, and looks like a skid pan, its also a diesel point.

The price of fuel is ridiculous: less than a couple of pence per litre.

Fuel pumps in rural areas only have one readout - the quantity dispensed. There is no price indication. Brush up on your arithmetic before getting your wallet out as the attendant will wait for you to give him the right amount of money, or read into your body language, whether you expect change.

Traffic Permit for Foreign Vehicles
If you are taking a goods vehicle through Iran, you are given one of these forms. They identify the route you are allowed to take.

If you are a tourist with your own vehicle, YOU SHOULD NOT BE GIVEN ONE OF THESE FORMS. The major crossing points into Iran know this, but somebody on the Noordooz border (Armenia) hasn't been on the course.

The Traffic Permit that you don't want

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