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Diesel engined vehicles

Take some chemical/waterproof gloves for refuelling your tanks. The nozzles of diesel pumps at petrol stations are generally awash with diesel. Handling them means that you end up with diesel all over your mits. Wearing waterproof gloves will keep the diesel at bay.

Beware of breakdown warning triangles
Iranian breakdown warning triangles come in two forms.

During daylight hours, the international standard rock is used, which is thoughtfully left in the middle of the carriageway when the stricken vehicle moves off.

When it becomes dark, burning tyres are used at the edge of the carriageway. Laugh though you may, it tops the "getting your attention" league tables!

Internet for laptops
In the cities of Iran, you can buy Online cards which are similar to 'phone cards. They have the dial-up telephone number and the unique username & password. If you can get access to a 'phone point, you can be online relatively cheaply.

Use of trafficators/indicators
Similar to Turkey, if a truck in front of you indicates towards the middle of the road (to the left), this is the signal to you that it is clear to overtake. But beware: he may be turning left. You don't want to become part of his paintwork.

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