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In the UK, there is an unwritten communication system used for the overtaking of large, slow vehicles on narrow roads. The slow vehicle indicates to the nearside (the left in the UK).

In Turkey, the system is the opposite. The truck will indicate to the offside (the left in Turkey).

This is dangerous: you may understand this as a signal for you to overtake, while he may actually be turning left.


A very good internet café in Istanbul
There are various internet cafes in Istanbul. However, there is one which is particularly good. The owner speaks perfect English, having worked for many years in the casinos of cruise ships. He is very helpful and has a great sense of humour.

The place is called the "Istanbul Calling Station".

There is a problem. It is difficult to find, and nobody in the local shops knows about it!

It is on the European side (Avrupa), and practically within the port. Here's how to find it:

Travel north from the Galata bridge (Karaköy) on the coast road. Watch out on the right hand side for a small car park area, with a building at the back with the words "Expo" on it. Next to (north) the small car park, there is a minor road to the right. This is an access road to the port area. Go along this road and through the road barrier. (You do not need to go to the barrier office - it's only for vehicles). You will now be going in a southerly direction between two large warehouses. Keep looking to the left - you'll see the signs for the "Istanbul Calling Station".

The café also sells 'phone cards which can be used for cheap international telephone calls to/from most countries. For example, to call from Turkey to the UK, the US$20 card gives you 78 minutes.

Address: Salipazari cruise ship port - New terminal, Expo, Istanbul, European side Turkey.
Phone: 90-212-292-9589.

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