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Parts and vehicle supplies - a great outlet in Eastern Greece (highway A2, Kavala)
There is an Aladdin's Cave disguised as a BP fuel station. It's crammed from top to bottom with vehicle spares. Shelves of SKF bearings, racks of fan-belts, radiator caps, springs, coolant system hoses, electrical spares, windscreen wipers ... and milk.

It's in the east of the country on highway A2, between Khrisoupolis and Kavala.

GPS reference: N40.98188 E24.62293.

Hard shoulder driving
If you thought the hard shoulder of the motorway was to stop in if you were immobilised, then think again. In Greece, it forms part of the inside lane.

You are expected to straddle the inside lane and the hard shoulder, allowing vehicles to overtake you without them having to go onto the opposite carriageway.

Beware of the inherent dangers with this practice.

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