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Australia - UAE
(Fremantle - Dubai)

I used Wallenius Wilhelmsen's RoRo service from Fremantle to Dubai, via Singapore. The sea-voyage itself would take just over 2 weeks, but due to transhipping in Singapore, the total journey took just over a month.


As well as being a town with a lovely character, Fremantle is an easy port from which to exit Australia.

It is a compact town, with the major shipping lines, the shipping agents, and the customs authorities all practically within walking distance of each other.

I booked directly with Wallenius Wilhelmsen, after a shipping agent who was approached took a week to realise that the dimensions I'd given for the truck meant that it wouldn't fit into a container. And when I told him that I already had a shipping rate from Wallenius Wilhelmsen, which meant that he couldn't massage the shipping rate to their advantage, we mutually agreed to stop telephoning each other.

To arrange customs clearance, you need to have a customs number (ECN reference). Willenius Wilhelmsen advised I should obtain this from Select Freight Systems (tel 9339 5755), which was dutifully done, stripping A$50 from the pocket in the process.

Equipped with the ECN, an appointment with the customs authorities was next, where the chassis and engine numbers were checked, and the carnet signed off.

Then it was to Wallenius Wilhelmsen's offices to complete the paperwork, followed by a trip to the docks to drop off the truck.

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