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Malaysia - Singapore
(Johor Bahru - Woodlands)

This border crossing is simple, when you have the correct paperwork for entry into Singapore. The border can be crossed in a day, although you may want to review your itinerary within Singapore to save your wallet suffering a haemorrhage. More on this shortly.

Before approaching the border, you must have all your paperwork for entry into Singapore.

Paperwork for Singapore entry at Woodlands

Leave your vehicle in Johor Bahru (JB). You need to enter Singapore on foot to obtain your paperwork. Firstly, have your Carnet endorsed by the Autombile Association of Singapore (AAS), then introduce yourself to the Land Transport Authority (LTA). Then you can take your vehicle into Singapore. This is achieved as follows:

Park on the road outside the Larkin Bus Depot in JB.

Take all your vehicle and personal documents with you, including your Carnet, IDP and vehicle's original log book (for UK vehicles, this is the V5).

Go into the Larkin Bus Depot and get onto the Singapore Bus Services (SBS) bus #170. Pay the driver in either Malaysian Ringits or Singapore Dollars, noting that he can't give change.

The bus goes through the immigration and customs for both Malaysia and Singapore. You therefore spend most of your journey playing musical chairs.

The bus doesn't wait. Your ticket is for the journey itself, on any #170 bus. When you clear immigration/customs in Malaysia, reboard the next #170 outside, which will take you over the causeway.

In Singapore, get off at Woodlands.

If you don't have Singapore Dollars, now is the time to either use an ATM or to mug somebody. You'll need about S$250.

Buy a road map of Singapore. (See the "country info" section.)

Go to Marsiling MRT station (NS8), not Woodlands MRT station (NS9). Marsiling is closer.

Get a S$15 Ez-card from the ticket counter at the MRT. This is a smart card, allowing cashless travel on all MRT and buses in Singapore. The deposit and unused fares on the card are refunded on leaving Singapore.

Get on a train headed towards Marina Bay, and get off at Somerset (NS23).

The AAS office is on River Valley Road, just east of its junction with Killiney Road. It is a 10 minute walk from Somerset station. Exit the station, and go east to Killiney Road. Turn right onto Killiney Road, and walk until you meet River Valley Road. Turn left onto River Valley Road. The AAS office is 50m on the left.

The AAS customer office is on the ground floor. It's a ticket-system, so take a ticket from the front counter.

The AAS guys know all about Carnets, so there is no problem. The only problem is the legalised robbery which now takes place in the nether regions of your wallet.

Note that vehicles with cooking facilities inside are NOT ALLOWED INTO SINGAPORE.

At the AAS, you must purchase insurance (S$95 for 3 days) and the International Circulation Permit (ICP, a Singaporean tax disc, costing about S$12).