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Rear landing legs and shipping lashing eyes.

High security hitchlock (Indespension Triplock).

Aluminium tread plates to the wheel arches.

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Land Rover Forward Control 101 - Merlin Safari Trailer

While on this tour, a pedal-cycle has joined the entourage. Although it started its life being stored on the roof of the truck, for overall travelling height reasons, it has been relocated to the trailer.

Several carriers have been tried. The first, a well-known proprietary carrier was purchased. This unit, which took its support from the spare wheel on the back of the trailer, lasted less than a month. Such is the vibration experienced on the back of trailers.

The second was a more substantial unit, fixed to the spare wheel studs. This did not adequately support the bike, and placed too much load on the studs.

The current rack has proved to be perfect. Fabricated from 40mm angle-section steel in Chiang Mai, Thailand, it is fixed direct to the rear of the trailer's internal structural system. The bike can be removed easily, yet is held firmly in position in all road conditions.

The final bike carrier, mounted on the rear of the trailer. After 40,000km, with a lot of off-road conditions, this carrier is still working fine.