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Yes, it's been aeons since the site was last updated. So you'd be forgiven for expecting I'd now be somewhere orbiting Jupiter.

I'll have to disappoint. I did try, but Jupiter was closed for cleaning. So I've had to stay around Bangkok.

Weeks 42 to 45

Bangkok - Supanburi - U-Thong -
Kanchanaburi - U-Thong

Contrary to popular belief, I haven't yet taken up Thai citizenship. However a statement from "Rumour Control" last week did not actually deny the fact. So gossip away.

No. The truth is that the truck has undergone some modifications while here in the Thailand. Modifications which were not strictly essential for the actual journey, but will enhance the enjoyment of the future miles as they unroll. Especailly as an engineer is sitting behind the 'wheel.

The charging of the domestic batteries was far from optimum, so a complete charging system upgrade has been implemented. An additional sink water-tap has been added to decant Guinness. Sorry, unfiltered water. An air tank has been added to significantly boost the sound of the air horn. Additional 12V socket outlets have been positioned around the rear cabin, and a few dozen other detail points, about which you need not be bored.

Two weeks in dry dock, and now the truck's blasting amps into the batteries and decibels out of the air horn. Ready for the trek south.

For anybody who has visited a Commonwealth War Grave Cemetery, and wondered at the quality of their upkeep, this is the reason. One of the two cemeteries in Kanchanaburi, where the grave stones are being scrubbed to gleaming.

If you find yourself in Kanchana-buri, don't just go to the cemetery on the main highway. Visit the Chung Kai Cemetery, about 2km out of town. Far more tranquil.

I've just got one huge thank you to make before leaving. To GoGui and his family in U-Thong, and all those guys in the town who helped in this mini-project. Working at 35degC in 100% humidity, you sweat a reservoir and drink two. So, thanks for keeping me fed, watered, housed, but above all, welcome.

Now I'm off south and finally leaving Thailand. But I can't leave here without saying another "ta". To Pong and Kay, who cushioned my stay in Thailand, and especially in Bangkok. You made all things possible here. But beware: I'll be back.

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Weeks 42 to 45