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Week 38

Ko Chang - Trat - Chanthaburi - Klaeng - Chonburi - Bangkok - Bang Khla

Week 39 to 41


... And other places requiring missionary work.

A noisy, non-paying guest in the Ko Chang digs.

The island of Ko Chang is undiluted hell. And don't you go listening to anybody who says otherwise.

Imagine it. Your own "bungalow". The sea washing the shore right in front of the verandah. Claude and Erika (Swiss LandCruiser) for company next door. A nightly BBQ.

As I said. Sheer hell.

After a week of torture on the island, it was time to go back to Bangkok, and kiss good-bye to the truck for a few weeks. Time to go back home to sort out nine months' mail.

Lock up your sheep.

A Ko Chang sunset, as seen from the verandah.

Tried to find an old scrap yard or derelict industrial estate to stay at, but had no success.

I therefore had to spend my time looking at this every night.

Weeks 38 to 41