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Glossop to

...and back

Week 46

U-Thong - Nakhon Pathom - Phetchaburi - Hua Hin - Chumphon - Surat Thani - Phanom - Phuket - Phatong - Trang

Week 47
(Thailand - Malaysia)

Trang - Hat Yai - Pattani - Tak Bai - Sungai Kolok - Kota Bahru (Malaysia) - Tanah Merah - Gua Musang - Kuala Lumpur

Week 48

Kuala Lumpur - Port Klang - Kuala Lumpur - Seremban -
Ayer Hatim - Johor Bahru

Week 49
(Malaysia - Singapore - Indonesia)

Johor Bahru - Singapore - Jakarta (Indonesia)

Weeks 50


The trek south out of Thailand commenced. Called into Phuket for a nosey. You can't drive this far without dropping in to see why all the tourists descend on the place. Trouble is, I still don't know why! Although the limestone landscape is wonderful, Thailand has many more places if you crave undisturbed beauty. However as long as the tourists keep trekking straight to Phuket, the rest of Thailand can remain undisturbed. So I'll shut my mouth.

While in Phuket, to keep my stay legal, a quick visit to the out-of-work crocodiles in the Immigration office, saw my visa extended for another week.

Weeks 46 to 50