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Week 28

Mae Hong Son - Pai - Mae Taeng - Chiang Mai - Lamphun - Lampang - Den Chai

Week 29
(Thailand - Laos)

Den Chai - Utaradit - Phitsanulok - Lom Sak - Khon Kaen - Udon Thani - Nong Khai - Vientiane (Laos) - Vang Vieng - Kasi - Luang Prabang

Week 30

Luang Prabang - Pak Mong - Udomxai - Ban Mok Poit

Week 31
(Laos - Thailand)

Ban Mok Poit - Luang Nam Tha - Vieng Phukha - Ban Ta Fa - Huay Xai - Chiang Khong (Thailand) - Chiang Saen - Mae Sai - Chiang Rai - Wiang Papao - Chiang Mai

Time to move on from Mae Hong Son. But not too far.

As one of the existing oil hoses was going brittle and weeping, while stopped in Mae Hong Son, it was changed for a 300psi American number. Can somebody next time please pop into the scene just before I fit something like this and tell me that it's not suitable?

40km down the road, I had my own little smoke show. Northern Thailand had never seen such a blue haze until that day when my exhaust vapourised a sump-load of Castrol's finest.

You do become laid back about these things though. A tow into the next town took two days to arrange. But with every second car stopping to see if I needed assistance, and spending a night with a bunch of British guys on local off-road motorbikes/push bike, boredem didn't get a look in.

If you're going to have a vehicle which is going to have a strop, and doesn't want to play, then this is the place to be.

2500ft, overlooking the Myanmar border. Watching the morning mist trying to compete with your lingering blue oil haze.

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