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Week 26

Mae Hong Son

Week 27

Mae Hong Son

You know that it's time to move on when one of the hens considers that the thing in which you arrived a month earlier is going to be a permanent fixture. And so starts laying eggs in it.

It all started with a cluck. As most things do in the hen world. I'd been sharing my breakfast with a group of them, and they'd become quite friendly. Not exactly bringing me my slippers when I arrived back at base, or washing the pots after tea. Just a casual, nodding sort of friendship.

So, when inside the truck the other day, and one of the hens was walking around, hopping from bed to front seat, chattering more than normal, I knew something was wrong. But didn't think that much to it.

However, it nestled under the accelerator pedal in the footwell, and settled down.

After a few minutes, it got up, wandered back the way it came in, giving me a satisfied twitch of its head on the way out. A glance to the front: it had left me an egg.

Once could an accident...

... but twice, and this hen was definitely trying to tell me something.

Something like "Time to move on, sunshine."

Fortunately, UPS, the courier, finally took the parts that Steve Parker and crew had sent out from their storage warehouse, and let me use them. I was so honoured.

Fitted, trial run, smiles all round.

But you can't leave town without saying goodbye to the guys who've made your time here so pleasurable. Time for a "farewell" meal together.

Rolling again. Who knows where I'll report from next?

The last scran.

I'll leave you guessing which one is "Mattress Cover Maggie".

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