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Fuel costs

Malaysian fuel is cheaper than either Singapore or Thailand. So there.

Police Speed Traps
I shall try to get a photograph when I next pass through Malaysia of the motorway speed traps. In the meantime, you'll have to generate your own mental image.

Malaysian countryside along the main highways E1 and E2, is rich, green rain-forest.

The police speed traps are cunningly concealed within tents made from leftover fabric from broad-blue-and-white stripped beach deckchairs.

If you blink for 35 seconds or more, you may miss them.

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Road Map

Good quality road maps of Malaysia are as common as mongrel dogs in the Kennel Club.

I'd like to put the world's cartographers in a room. Issue them with one of their foreign colleagues' fictional artworks, blindfold them, lower them into that city in either rush-hour traffic, or after dark, remove their blindfold, and then let them navigate from there to a specific place on the other side of town.

In some instances, a blank piece of paper would be more useful.

Call this a map? Kleenex make better carographic creations than this. But whatever its shortcomings, it's as good as you'll get for Malaysian roads while in Malaysia.

Any road atlas, which divides the country over numerous pages, yet does not include either an overall country map at the front, or "continued on" notes on the edge of the map pages should be confined to a nail on the bathroom wall.

In truth,it is not inaccurate. It's just unindexed, badly connected, and, considering it's use on the toilet wall, it even fails the absorbency test.