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Office locations
AAS - River Valley Road, just east of the Killiney Road intersection.
LTA - Sin Ming Drive.

Parking Coupons
As a visitor, one thing you cannot do in Singapore is park legally for free unless you spend months in advance in a darkened room with a set of maps and a magnifying glass.

The salesman who first trekked to Singapore with a brochure for yellow road paint must still be on a beach in the Bahamas on the back of the commission he earned.

In an plausible effort to keep traffic moving, street parking on highways is generally not allowed. Instead, there are car parks/bays, and Parking Coupons. The latter of which you must purchase in order to park (legally) in the former. Other advantages of the coupon system are not having to find the right coinage for meters, or to have to walk miles to a pay-and-display machine in the rain.

Sold in pads of 20, there are various types of Parking Coupons (day, night, value).

Excuse me a moment though while I wander into moan-mode. Throughout the world, you pay to move your vehicle. Fine, I can level with that one. But then you must pay again to not use it when you leave it somewhere.

The day when bus companies charge people for standing at their bus stops as well as for travelling on their buses, I'll say the world is fair, and stop complaining about parking fees. Until then, I'll continue to sponsor TV campaigns on the subject.

BBC World Service on FM
The BBC, bless its cotton socks, broadcasts its World Service programme on 88.9 FM throughout Singapore.

Now you've no excuse for not knowing who Bushie-boy has insulted in the last 24 hours.

Fuel costs, and cross-Straits fuel policy
Singapore fuel is more expensive than Malaysian. Therefore, in an attempt to preserve tax revenues, the Singapore customs insist that LOCAL petrol vehicles have their tanks full before crossing the Johor Straits into Malaysia.

This DOES NOT APPLY to foreign registered vehicles.

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