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The Land Rover Forward Control 101 is a vehicle which you either love or hate, must-have or wouldn't have even if it was the last transport in the world. As some people say, "It's a Land Rover thing, you wouldn't understand"!

Accordingly, I wouldn't instantly recommend such a vehicle to every traveller, as everybody has different criteria, requirements and desires.

For example, shipping my FC101 with its raised roof is less convenient and more expensive than it would be for a standard Land Rover Defender or similar vehicle: the latter can be fitted within a container whereas my FC101 cannot. However, the convenience of being able to stand up whenever I am in the vehicle, to me, far outweighs the inconvenience of the shipping aspect.

In summary, if you are planning to travel overland in a vehicle, the choice of which vehicle should form the base, is one of the main decisions to be taken, and is weighted by personal requirements.

Below is an outline of
my vehicle. It may provide ideas and options for a conversion undertaken by others.

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Land Rover Forward Control 101 - Merlin Safari Trailer