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Pakistan - India
(Wagah - Attari)

A straight forward crossing. Possibly because it's one of the more famous border crossings on the planet.

Pakistan (Time to process: half an hour)

From Lahore to the border it is a straight road, except for one left turn at the first T-junction at the end of the main highway, and a right at the end of that road. The left turn is sign posted, the right one isn't.

The Pakistan customs buildings are off the main road. You come across a barrier, with a sign to turn right for the customs offices. Do as the sign says.

All the offices you need are on the right hand side of the road. The first buildings you come across are for outgoing travellers, while those at the opposite end are for those inbound. The first office stamps your passport, and, if they do the same to you as to me, they'll put a big red stamp on the opposite page to your Indian visa, and then close your passport while the ink is still wet. This makes a mess of your Indian visa, and makes the Indian customs officials laugh.

Next door is the customs post where they check your vehicle. This is the first time my vehicle has been checked in any proper way. All cupboards were opened, etc.

It was also the first border where I had to open my wallet. Along with a note, he got a look which would have made a penguin shiver. He didn't keep me long.

One last check at the barrier, and then, into...

India (Time to process: one hour)

At the barrier, your details are entered into a ledger. Question: why do all customs posts around here have ledgers which are that large, you need to catch a bus to get from one side to the other?

The immigration and customs hall is 200m down the road on the left hand side.

Immigration to have your passport stamped, and then to the customs at the other end of the hall. You have to take the vehicle into the compound beyond the customs hall, where the carnet details are checked.

A few forms to fill in regarding valuables completes the formalities.

This border was extremely quiet. It was mid afternoon when I passed, and I was the tenth person to cross that day, and the first with a vehicle.

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