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Glossop to

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Greece - Turkey
(Kipi - Ipsala)

There is a long no-man's land between the two borders. Trucks park in this area, so don't wait behind them. Pull up and check if they are parked or being processed. If they are just parked, you can obviously go around them.


They only glanced at my passport.

Turkey (Time to process: 1.5 hours)

First register at the office on the right as you enter the compound. If you don't have a visa, purchase this at the counter at the back-left hand side of the hall (15 euro). Then go to the police office outside the main hall. Then purchase your transit carnet (6 euro) from inside the main hall on the right hand side along the back wall. Finally, take your transit carnet to the customs office on the front wall of the main hall.

The vehicle was not inspected.

Insurance for 1 month cost 15 euros. Available from the Turkish Automobile club, next to the main customs hall on the Turkish side.

A new customs hall is being constructed, so expect the above locations to change by early 2003.

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