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Tyre anti-puncture protection
There are products on the market which are purpoted to be capable of resealing holes in tyres when punctured with nails and the like. Some of these systems are expensive, especially when talking about treating six wheels, of the size used on the FC101.

At a trade-fair, I came across such a product, was attracted by the concept, and so went ahead with the installation.

While on this trip, on the last day but one in Laos, I awoke to discover a distinct lack of pressure in one of my four round, black things. A nail had pentrated a tyre.

Since my return to the UK, I have had discussions about these products with various people. It would appear that there are a number of companies each retailing different products.

If you are thinking of using this type of product, I'd recommend investigating each product's existing customer base, and check the guarantees each company offers. Even if the guarantee doesn't stretch to towing you home from the middle of a Laosian rainforest, if they significantly backup their products within your home country, this might instill some faith in their product.

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Sand ladders and bridging ladders
Sand ladders generally require support along their full length in use, and are useful only on sand and mud (etc) where lack of grip is the only issue. They are NO USE for
bridging gaps of significant length.

For this, you'll need bridging ladders, which are structural.

I used Mantec bridging ladders, which happily took the load of the FC101's wheels (1 tonne) at centre span without a problem.

Bridging ladders are not as easy to store, but they are more versatile than sand ladders. If you have space for bridging ladders, take them in place of plain sand ladders.

On two occasions on this trip, sand ladders wouldn't have got me out of the situation in which the truck found itself. Bridging ladders did.