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Glossop to

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Week 23

Mae Hong Son

Week 24

Mae Hong Son

Week 25

Mae Hong Son

Moving curvy crack in the pavement.

Or is it a snake, going out for a pint down the pub?

Wholemeal bread. Yes, Mum - I'm on wholemeal!

My Library. So what if everything happens to be in curly Thai letters?

The Immigration office.

"Ha. Land Rover parts? You'll need permanent residency, sunshine, not a visa extension."

The Customs Office.

"Vehicle visit extension? You need the hardware store, sir. From what we've heard, you don't need an extension. You need a shovel to bury it."

Smelly washing in, superwhites out.

But only 2-out-of-10 in the "Gearbox oil out of T-shirt" test.

Workshop with a view.

"Swiss Chalet" cafe - Swiss music and lederhosen until you drop.

(That's 15 seconds in most cases.)

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Mattress-cover Maggie

I'll let your mind work overtime on this one.

Weeks 23 to 25