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Glossop to

...and back

The first off-road trek was unfortunately the last for the 101 and trailer. The thick clay-mud of the forest didn't let the 5 ton combination make much progress on the inclines. Instead, I became Yami's passenger in his Defender 90 - able to ogle at the tremendous mountain scenery that is NW Thailand.

After a fantastic week, most of the local guys returned to Bangkok. Unfortunately, they must have also taken the high-ratio part of my gearbox with them, leaving me to limp at 20kph to the laidback, chill-out zone of Mae Hong Son. International Rescue (Steve Parker style) correctly identified the problem in the transfer box, and is sending the bits out as I type.

I'll be here for another week. At least I won't have an excuse for not getting my tax return in on time this year.

As far as it got. The 101 and trailer shuffled themselves around at this point, and went back to basecamp.

Doi Soi Malai camp ... and the offroad track to it. Scenery to melt a peot's mind.

Click the picture above to see a large collage view of the offroad treks. Note it may take a while to download.

As the sign says, "USE LOW GEAR".

As there wasn't a sign at the bottom saying "Now Graham, go back into HIGH GEAR", I stayed in LOW for the 60 km to the next town.

I jest. The 101 wouldn't stay in high-box, so crawled to the next town, Mae Hong Son, in low-box. I'm now holed up in a superb campsite, surrounded by palm and banana trees, mountains and ... ants by the million.

After discussions involving the UN, a ceasefire has been reached between the bike and the passing low-level vegetation.

ie: the bike now travels on the back of the trailer.

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