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Currency and prices

East Timor uses the US Dollar, not the Indonesian Rupiah. And things are very expensive. Refuel in Indonesia before entering East Timor (there is a filling station at Atambua).

Shipping from Dili to Darwin

There are two shipping companies operating between Dili and Darwin. The established company is Perkins. They are a relatively large Darwinian company, and have full wharfage facilities in Dili, including an Australian stevedore who normally handles the special vehicles. The vessel on this service is a RoRo unit.

Their agent in Dili is SDP.

Perkins have a website, www.perkins.com.au. This gives contact details, ship information, and an outline of their timetable.

SDP are at: SDV East Timor, Timor Loro Sae, Dili Harbour, Dili, East Timor.
Telephone: +670 390 322 818
Fax: +670 390 324 077
email: e.mancini@sdv.com

Note that the voyages published on the Perkins website are only estimates. Contact Ray Miller at Perkins in Darwin, or SDP in Dili, to get the latest details.

Flights from Timor to Darwin

You cannot travel with your vehicle to Australia on the Perkins vessel. You're either swimming, rowing or flying.

"Air North", another Darwinian company, operates a flying toilet roll tube between Dili and Darwin. A propeller job, with a fuselage small enough to necessitate giving the safety instructions while you're still on the tarmac.

In the limited interior space, moving down the aisle can only be accomplished on all fours, and your breathing must be synchronised with your fellow passengers.

The inflight meal is a packet of crisps.

Contrary to the information in the LP, Merpati, the Indonesian airline, does
NOT operate a service between Kupang and Darwin.

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