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Weeks 62 to 65

Week 62

Canberra - Albury - Melbourne - Ballarat - Stawell

Week 63

Stawell - Bordertown - Adelaide - Port Augusta - Whyalla - Kimba - Streaky Bay - Ceduna - Nullarbor - Eucla

Week 64

Eucla - Norseman - Esperance - Albany - Shelley Beach

Week 65

Shelley Beach - Denmark - Permberton - Karridale - Margaret River - Bunbury - Mandurah - Perth

In the UK, two of my mates used to live around the corner from each other. Now, they live on the opposite side of the globe, and 6400 road-km from each other.

And as the Australian governmental authorities had thoughfully laid 6400km of roads linking them both, wasn't it only right that I should be the one to test them out?

Well, not just me: me and another mate. A colleague from a previous life wanted to join the fun from Adelaide to Perth to experience the Nullarbor Plain from ground level. Something which 99% of the Aussie travellers met so far had considered to be a certifiable desire.

Just one example of Australia's unusual flora: the Grass Tree (Kingia Austalis).

I know several educated and emotionally stable people who would readily give up chocolate for a hair-do like this.