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Week 18
(Bangladesh, Singapore)

Chittagong - Singapore

Week 19


Week 20
(Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand)

Singapore - Johor Bahru - Kuala Lumpur - Ipoh - Bukit Kayu Hatim - Hat Yai - Phatthalung

If you have never felt out of control of a situation before, and were wondering how you may achieve the sensation, then try this.

Firstly find a shipping port. Any one will do, so long as it has a spare flatrack container (a container without sides and roof) lying around.

Then park your vehicle on the flatrack, and strap it down. [A play which has a script something like this: Scene I - "Sorry sir, we can't find any wood for chocking the wheels." "Rubbish. We're in a major port, on the edge of a forest. There must be wood." Five minutes later they come back with toothpicks. Scene II - local trying to remove toothpick from posterior, while colleague scurries to find better wood.]

Hoping that your vehicle is suitably secured, you go and find a ship. Preferably one with a crane with an operator who doesn't need Braille on a daily basis, and can see the outline of shipping containers fairly well at 50 yards.

Then have all your worldly belongings (not insured) hoisted on the end of a crane hook, "operated" by this hod-carrier, sorry, highly skilled crane operator.

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