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Week 12
(Pakistan, India)

Lahore - Wagah - Attari - Amritsar - Ambala - Delhi

Week 13

Delhi - Agra - Delhi

Week 14

Delhi - Haridwar - Srinagar (UP) - Delhi

Lahore was a stopping place to attempt to cure a rumbling noise from the rear of the 101. The problem is definitely back there - there were metallic particles in the differential oil. The wheel bearings were changed, but this didn't solve the problem. It's the differential bearings next when I find a garage with suitable tooling to expand the diff casing.

What I did find in Lahore was the best car wash while on the road so far. A Shell garage called Golf View. Owned by a guy who became a friendly face in the short time I was in town. A meal with his family with interesting conversations opened my eyes to a different Pakistan to that seen from the driving seat.

The Sikh Golden Temple at Amritsar.

Just over the border into India is Amritsar, the centre for the Sikh religion. A visit to the Golden Temple in the old part of town was on the cards.

Taking the truck through the town was a nightmare - it would have been easier herding bees past a honey factory.

In India, vehicles are treated as roundabouts: something to drive around. For example, while you are changing gear, you are not accelerating. Somebody will therefore move around you, necessitating braking. Whence, more road users enter the same windscreen scene. Users which have varying numbers of wheels or legs.

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