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The south and south-eastern part of Iran are free-spirited places. There seems to be a more unruly atmosphere amongst the populace.

It is difficult to identify the origins of this feeling, or an instance with which to form an example. However, there is a backdrop of mischief in the air.

The road from Bandar-e-Abbas to Bam is date palm country. And it is date season. Did you know that only female palm trees produce dates? You do now.

Local to Bam town is the old Arg- Bam. A mud-brick town of ancient origins.

With the current political climate, the place was playing host to only a few solo travellers, which made it even more appealing. It was so peaceful sitting in the tea house with a fellow traveller, with a pot of tea, a date yoghurt and a water pipe, while the daylight disappeared. I could have stay there forever

There is an ongoing restoration project with the Arg. Let's hope that the line between preservation and rebuilding is not overstepped.

Arg- Bam. The mud brick village.
Photograph taken from the Citadel.

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