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Glossop to

...and back

Jumped the Adriatic from Brindisi, landing on Corfu. A whisk around Corfu, followed by another ferry onto mainland Greece at Igoumenitsa.

Came across a Dutch registered car/caravan stopped half way up a hill climb out of Igoumenitsa: mechanical problems. Here started the relationship with Tasos and his son, travelling from his 20-year working-home in the Netherlands to their hometown near Kastoria, Greece.

Finally reached their house, and met his family and friends. This is where you really start to appreciate the warmth of Greek people: in the family unit. Kastoria is a beautiful town. Old and modern, meeting at a lake, and surrounded by mountains. Long may the non-Greek tourists never find out about this place. Otherwise, it'll become a clone of Corfu.

Left Tasos and headed east. Next stop, Istanbul. Executed the tour plan recommended by a mate from a previous job. Thanks Bob. And sorry that I didn't find your sweater.

If you want to experience meandering roads, climbing from small coves at sea level, up to 200/300m, overlooking the coastline, then head for the Black Sea coast of Turkey. Between Amasra and Sinop, you'll not be disappointed. Truly spectacular.

Turning inland at Trabzon toward Erzurum, the climb onto the Anatolean plateau delivered you into a different climate. At an average

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Weeks 3 to 5